Tuesday, 9 February 2010


Profile walk was pretty much, average. I began with just pretty much following the guide and doing the inbetweens. (click image for motion, its a gif)

Then, i proceeded on to my first sort of test.

then, arms were fail:


For my perspective walk, I knew what I was going to do, a female woman with super boobs and a wtfpow bottom, based on Jessica Rabbit:

However, I did not want my model to be THAT exaggerated and thin, more of a curvy shape. Anywho, Dom volunteered to do a model walk for me:

and I used that to create this! Originally i was going to do two tests, one for accuracy, then to clean it up and add colour, however, time got the best of me and this is what i came up with. for me, this was alot easier than the standard profile walk, not too sure why though, lol.

That's all folks

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